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WHT 110 C
Basic Specifications
Maximum machine dimensions X 3 000 mm, Y 2 000 mm, Z 2 500 mm, W 650 mm
Two types of central headstocks 4 000 RPM 28 kW 1 200 Nm, 6 000 RPM 31 kW 1 375 N
Carousel table with a diameter 1,600 mm and 320 RPM.
High feed speeds in X, Y, Z axes 25,000 mm/min and 40,000 mm/min
High feed speeds in W axes 20,000 mm/min
Control system SINUMERIK 840D, HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530

The new high-performance WHT 110 is a horizontal machine tool suitable for the most demanding operations that require precise drilling, gear cutting, turning operations or milling.
Maximum machine dimensions: X 3 000 mm, Y 2 000 mm a Z 2 500 mm
Two types of central headstocks:
4 000 ot / min, 28 kW, 1 200 Nm
6 000 ot / min, 31 kW, 1 375 Nm
Thermal compensation of the machine
A wide choice of clamping devices.
Rotary table with capacity up to 6,000 kg.
Up to 4 automatically changeable palettes.
Carousel table with a diameter of 1,600 mm and 320 rpm.
Linear guideways in X, Y and Z axes ensure a high accuracy and strength of the guide with a very low friction coeffi cient.
The basic parts of the frame (tables, palettes, longitudinal and transverse beds) are made of the highest quality grey cast iron of Czech origin.
High feed speeds in X, Y, Z axes: 25,000 mm/min and 40,000 mm/min
Either SINUMERIK 840D or HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 control system can be selected for controlling the machine