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Table Type
WH 105 CNC
Basic Specifications
Spindle Diameter inch 4.1 mm 105
Spindle Speed rpm 10 - 3300 rpm 10 - 3300
Cross Travel (X-Axis) inch 71 mm 1800
Vertical Travel (Y-Axis) inch 63 mm 1600
Longituidal Travel (Z-Axis) inch 49 mm 1250
Quill Stroke (W-Axis) inch 25 mm 630
Table Load Capacity lb. 11000 kg 5000

The machine, including its standard equipment and peripherals etc., is intended for broadly universal chip removal machining of non-rotational parts of smaller size and weight particularly of cast iron, cast steel and steel, employing the most sophisticated part-programs.

HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 (SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D, FANUC) system provides continuous control for the machine's four linear axes X, Y, Z & W and it also controls the automatic positioning of the indexing table (B-axis). All the four linear axes may at a time be involved in linear interpolation, two of them in circular interpolation. Helical interpolation is also available. All the feed drives on the machine as well as the main drive are the AC servo-units of Siemens.

The main guideways are reinforced with hardened steel plates.

Precise spindle type, preloaded, multiple setup ball bearings have been used for the spindle.

Power supply units, switchgear, safety and protective elements and other electrical devices are housed within a separate compact electric cabinet. Component selection for each machine is individual, subject to the national regulations relevant to the destination country.

Further Specifications
Table size inch 55 x 63 mm 1400 x 1600
Feeds (all axes) ipm 0.1 - 197 mm/min 2 - 5000
Rapid traverse (all axes) ipm 315 mm/min 8000
Coolant through spindle psi 145, 290, 435 Bar 10, 20, 30
Automatic tool change tools 40 tools 40