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Table Type
Basic Specifications
Spindle Diameter inch 4 mm 100
Spindle Speed rpm 10 - 1800 rpm 10 - 1800
Cross Travel (X-Axis) inch 49 mm 1250
Vertical Travel (Y-Axis) inch 43 mm 1100
Longituidal Travel (Z-Axis) inch 37 mm 940
Quill Stroke (W-Axis) inch 25 mm 630
Table Load Capacity lb. 6600 kg 3000

WH 10 CNC is a continuously controlled table type horizontal boring mill of an up-to-date design featured with an excellent rigidity and effectiveness. Its contouring CNC system iTNC 530 of HEIDENHAIN, or SINUMERIK 840D of SIEMENS controls the machine in its four continuously controlled linear axes - X, Y, Z & W, one axis positioned in the automatic cycle - B-axis, and also the rotary spindle - C-axis. Both interpolations are available, the linear and circular as well. All the machine axes are clamped automatically by the hydraulics.

AC drive units of Siemens and the application of protective and switch-gear elements of world-renowned makers guarantee a long lasting reliability of the machine. Technologically and price-wise the WH 10 CNC is a perfect machine for tool shops and plants with medium batch production.

Precise spindle type, preloaded, multiple setup ball-bearings have been used for the spindle bearings.

Lubrication of the machine has been designed as automatic, redundancy oil distributing system with metering valves supplied from a central lube unit.

To provide for a higher accuracy at the four basic positions the table has been equipped with a 4x90° optical readout.

Further Specifications
Table size inch 39 x 44 mm 1000 x 1120
Feeds (all axes) ipm 0.15 - 157 mm/min 4 - 4000
Rapid traverse (all axes) ipm 315 mm/min 8000