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Milling heads & attachment
LD-650 Facing Head
Basic Specifications
Facing Head diameter inch 25.6 mm 650
Slide Travel U inch 7.1 mm 180
Torque (max.) lbf 2035 Nm 2760
Slide feed range ipm 0.1 - 39.4 mm/min 1 - 1000
Slide rapid traverse ipm 39.4 mm/min 1000
Weight lbs 440 kg 200

The LD 650 has been designed for the horizontal boring mills of the type WH (Q) 105 CNC -with the headstock of the N model standardly, with the headstock of the R model after previous discussion with producer, WHN(Q) 13 CNC, WHN 110/130 (Q/MC) - with the headstock of the N model, WRD 130/150 (Q) as an item of the optional equipment. The facing head (FH) serves for facing and outside turning or boring of cylindrical, conical and otherwise shaped surfaces of large diameters. The equipment is particularly useful for the demanding technological operations where the full CNC control of the slide may be exploited. Mounting of the FH onto the quill flange of the machine is done manually. For application of the facing head on the WRD 130/150 (Q) machines is offered a variant for semi-automatic setting mode from the PICK-UP station.