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Milling heads & attachment
HV / E-H
Basic Specifications
Spindle taper HSK A63 HSK A63
Spindle speed (max.) rpm 20000 rpm 20000
Power (S1) HP 57 kW 43
Torque (S1/S6) lbf 44/66 Nm 60/90
Swivelling range A-axis deg +/- 95 deg +/-95
Swivelling range C-Axis deg +/-200 deg +/-200
Weight lbs 1980 kg 900

The fork type continous milling head with 2 axes with built-in electrospindle HV2/E-H has been designed for the machining centers of TOStec series as an item of the optional accessories. The head is suitable for roughing of light compositions and for finishing of work pieces from steel at positioning to the general angle (upon strengthening of both axes it provides for higher carrying capacity), also for machining of currently shaped surfaces at continuous movement of both axes of the head. On TOStec machines the head is permanent integrated.