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Milling heads & attachment
HOI-50 Orthogonal Milling Head
Basic Specifications
Spindle Taper CAT-50 ISO-50
Spindle speed (max.) rpm 3500 rpm 3500
Power (max.) HP 68 kW 51
Torque (max.) lbf Nm
Transmission ratio 1/1 1/1
Swiveling range B-axis deg +/- 120 deg +/- 120
Swiveling range C-axis deg +/- 185 deg +/- 185
Total weight lbs 2870 kg 1300

The milling head with 2 axis driven by the spindle of the machine HOI 50 has been designed for the machining centres of TOStec series PRIMA, VARIA and also for the WRD 130/150 (Q) and WRD 170 (Q) floor type horizontal boring mills as an item of the optional accessories. The head is optimal for roughing or universal machining of areas, which are oriented in basic orientations or generally against orthogonal coordinate system of the machine. Fastening of the head on the RAM of floor type horizontal boring mills is fully automatic. Machine is necessary to adapt for automatic fastening/removing of the head on/from the machine with system PICK-UP. On machines OPTIMA and VARIA the head is permanent integrated.