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Floor Type
Basic Specifications
Spindle speed rpm 10 - 5000 rpm 10 - 5000
Main drive power output HP 50 kW 37
Cross travel (X-axis) inch 197 - 984 mm 5000 - 25000
Vertical travel (Y-axis) inch 63 - 118 mm 1600 - 3000
Ram travel (Z-axis) inch 51 mm 1300



The GRATA is a CNC  ram equipped live spindle floor type horizontal boring mill. Equipped with the HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 CNC, SINUMERIK 840D or FANUC 31i control, the machine is intended for precision drilling, milling and boring operations. The comfort of this solution is based on the modular concept and advanced peripherial and optional equipment. Available in optional travel sizes and with automatic tool changer.




·         "SIEMENS" AC digital servodrives

·         Automatic hydraulic operated tool clamping

·         Hardened and precision ground spindle with ISO/CAT 50 taper

·         Temperature sensors on the main spindle bearings for diagnostic purposes

·         HEIDENHAIN measuring scales on linear axes X, Y, Z

·         Re-circulating ball screws on headstock and ram travel

·         Rack and/or gear ring with a couple of electro-mechanically preloaded pinions on column transverse travel.

·         Roling type guiding, preloaded, employing the compact linear roller pads on headstock, ram and column slide ways

·         Bed guideways protected by sliding telescopic guards

·         Automatic lubrication of all guideways

·         Hydraulic unit fitted on the column’s slide

·         Conduflex cable carriers

·         Diagnostics of machine and operators errors

·         Auxiliary operator panel


Further Specifications
Ram size inch 19.7 x 19.7 mm 500 x 500
Feed rate (all axes) ipm 0.15 - 590 mm/min 4 - 15000
Rapid traverse (X) ipm 984 mm 25000
Rapid traverse (Y) ipm 984 mm 15000
Rapid traverse (Z & W) ipm 590 mm 15000
Add-On rotary table S16
Table load lb. 35300 kg 16000
Clamping surface inch 78 x 98 mm 2000 x 2500
Table travel inch 55, 71 mm 1400, 1800
Add-On rotary table S30
Table load lb. 66000 kg 30000
Clamping surface inch 98 x 118 mm 2500 x 3000
Table travel inch 51, 71, 98 mm 1300, 1800, 2500



HF 50 vertical milling head
HUR 50 manual universal milling head
HUI 50 automatic universal milling head
HOI 50 orthogonal milling head, automatically positioned (with increment of 1°)
HV2/V fork type milling head with 2 axes
CHZ GRATA tool cooling kit – conventional
CHOV GRATA  through spindle tool cooling kit
UK 500 clamping device - the cube
UU 800 - UU 5000 clamping device - angle plates
chip conveyor(s) - may be supplied according to end-user's requirements
workspace protective guards - may be supplied according to end-user's requirements
PICK UP station for automatic head exchange
UD 4 floor plate including its anchoring material
S16, S30 rotary table
touch probe  with wireless transmission M&H or Renishaw