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Milling heads & attachment
FP-50 Milling Attachment
Basic Specifications
Spindle Taper CAT-50 ISO-50
Speed (max.) rpm 600 rpm 600
Power output HP 27 kW 20
Torque (max.) lbf 738 Nm 1000
Trasmission ratio 1/1 1/1
Tilt angle (max.) deg 360 deg 360
Weight lbs 310 kg 140

The FP 50-13 (FP 40-WH10) vertical milling head has been designed for the WHN(Q) 13 CNC (WH 10 CNC) horizontal milling and boring machines as an item of the optional accessories. It has been designed to enable milling operations of vertical and inclined surfaces in respect of the basic machine planes and of the planes parallel to the machine workspindle.